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With unmatched flexibility that redefines productivity
Adapt to change and easily scale operations, wherever your business takes you.
Sage X3 liberates modern organisations from the limitations of slow, siloed ERP.

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"Sage X3 provides significant
labor and operational savings."

According to the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study, composite organizations of Sage X3 can achieve a favorable ROI of 177% with total benefits of $1.7M from cost savings over 3 years.

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without getting bigger

Sage X3 takes the complexity out of running your business. It simplifies every part of your operation, leaving you lean and ready for whatever comes next, wherever you are in the world.

With Sage X3, you are choosing the next generation business management solution for your enterprise to grow faster and run an agile organization.

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Not your typical ERP

Sage X3 is not your typical ERP solution.
It’s a faster, simpler, and flexible business management solution.



Sage X3 accelerates all your core business processes–from purchasing to manufacturing, inventory, sales, customer service, and financial management–within one cohesive system.



Sage X3 adapts to meet your company requirements, user roles, and preferences to deliver a quick-to-implement, simple-to-manage, and easy-to-use software, on any familiar Web browser or mobile device.



Sage X3 manages domestic and international businesses across distribution, manufacturing, and services industries with built-in functionality, while adjusting to your unique company rules and processes.

Results you can expect

Sage X3 is changing how midsize enterprises compete and grow by offering simpler, faster and
more flexible business management capabilities at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical
enterprise systems.

Return on Investment (ROI) 177%

Total Benefits $1,722,180

Total Costs $620,870

Net Present Value $1,101,310

Source: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Sage X3, a January 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Sage.

What Customers Have to Say

    “Sage X3 is a very flexible and adaptable application. We have been able to tailor it to fit the way we operate…The real-time nature of Sage X3 means we always have accurate data available to our customer service, accounting, and manufacturing departments.”Anne Robinson
    IT director | Alloy Polymers
    “We learned quickly that when other vendors used the word flexible, what it meant was overly complex and expensive. Only Sage X3 was able to deliver the functionality we needed—along with real flexibility— at a price point that makes sense.”John Babcock
    CFO | Satellite Industries Inc.
    “We have enhanced our team’s ability to access Information, and good quality information leads to better decision making. We have up-to the-minute details of order status, product movement, cash flow, and sales data.” Barry Gertner
    IS director | A.M. Leonard
    “The allocation logic in Sage X3 helps us optimize our fulfillment process by finding and selecting the orders that we can ship complete based on the stock we have on hand.” John Hill
    Vice president of administration | Carson Home Accents
    “If you understand the power of data in your business decision making, you’ll instantly see the value in this tool. Sage X3 allows companies with vision to realize that vision. It allows us to run a smarter, more strategic business.” Mike DePasquale
    Group enterprise system manager | Avon Rubber

What Analysts and Media Have to Say

“The announcement and launch (of Sage X3) showed Sage's commitment to the cloud...Early customer sentiment shows an excitement of what the cloud can do to help lead digital transformation.”

Process Manufacturing

“The redesigned product includes an intuitive HTML5-based web and mobile interface, a variety of apps, and a mobility development kit, compatible with iOS, Windows phone and most Android devices.”

Process Manufacturing

“Sage X3 provides the flexibility in deployment (public cloud, hosted in a private environment or on customers’ infrastructure) and pricing that midsized firms are looking for. Additionally, all options have special appeal as firms look to support an increasingly mobile and remote workforce.”

Process Manufacturing
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