Avon Rubber finds maximum flexibility in
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Avon Rubber p.l.c.


Manufacturing – Rubber Products


Europe – United Kingdom

Avon Rubber PLC is a 125-year-old enterprise with more than 20 business units and personnel across the globe. One of its most visible divisions is Avon Protection, which manufactures respiration equipment used by military, law enforcement, firefighting, and industrial organisations. With diverse international operations, dozens of physical locations, and a large distributed workforce, Avon Rubber needs a robust business management solution.

“If you understand the power of data in your business decision making, you’ll instantly see the value in this tool. Enterprise Management allows companies with vision to realise that vision. It allows us to run a smarter, more strategic business.”

Mike DePasquale
Group enterprise system manager
Avon Rubber


Avon Rubber was utilising eight separate reporting applications to gather, analyse, and distribute its business data. Staff struggled to learn and to use the applications, thereby placing a substantial burden on the company’s resources. Employees were deprived of quick access to the data they needed to perform their tasks, and management to the data to make better, more informed business decisions.


Enterprise Management with Sage Enterprise Intelligence provides a powerful business management solution that is easy to learn and easy to use.


The solution paid for itself immediately through the reduced demand on IT personnel. Customer order information, item pricing, and companion items are accessible anywhere, anytime to mobile users who access Enterprise Management on their tablet PCs, which help promote sales. Even disparate data can be brought together and shared across the enterprise and more than 250 users quickly and easily in the form of customisable dashboards and reports.

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