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Sage X3 brings a goldmine of functionality to EGMF.
Construction and mining company modernises operations.




Services – Construction & Mining


AAMEA – Democratic Republic of Congo

Construction and mining company EGMF is a subsidiary of the Forrest International Group and is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has annual sales of $200 million and employs 4,000 people.

“Sage X3 won us over with its ability to meet all our sector-specific and management requirements, as well as with its intuitive design and ease of use.”

Olivier Dauw
Customer Project Manager


EGMF's obsolete information system was severely hampering its internal processes. Manual data entry, cumbersome software interfaces, and extended, inefficient workflows wasted valuable time and were costing the company money.


The integrated nature of Sage X3 makes it possible to standardise and optimise procurement management and accounting, and the solution’s flexible architecture facilitates efficient interfacing with the external maintenance management system.


Accessible by each of the company’s three site locations, Sage X3 allows the company to monitor the status of its orders in real time and delivers immediate access to financial information, thereby improving its stock management. Reduced data entry and processing times frees up additional time for the team to devote to strategic and analytical tasks.

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