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Sage X3 is flying high at ISATI.
Aeronautical and telecommunications service provider boosts profits and productivity.




Service – Engineering


Europe – Spain

ISATI is an aeronautical and telecommunications services provider headquartered in Vitoria, Spain. ISATI works in a strategic partnership with its clients to design, plan, build, and operate successful programs worldwide. ISATI forms optimal relationships with its corporate clients, through the provision of clearly defined, reliable, and rapid services.

“Sage X3 has become another sales tool, a competitive solution, and a point of reference for our clients.”

Rubén Ayúcar
Business Manager


ISATI required a technology platform that could improve the day-to-day management of the business, and streamline and improve the efficiency of the efforts of the engineers involved in the company's complex projects.


The company sought an integrated business management solution to help it improve and refine its systems, and serve as an engine to drive growth and expansion. Sage X3 was selected as a cutting-edge technology platform, integrated with Sage Murano to handle effectively human resource management tasks.


Thanks to an integrated management system that allows comprehensive control over processes and costs, ISATI is seeing improvements throughout the organisation. There has been a measureable improvement in the company's finances, and in the traceability of all documents. The solution provides a single, reliable source of operational and customer-facing data for users across the enterprise.

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