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Penn Elcom Group manages global growth strategy with
Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management


Penn Elcom Ltd.


Manufacturing – Audiovisual


Europe – United Kingdom

Penn Elcom is the world's leading manufacturer of quality flight case, speaker cabinet hardware, and racking solutions used by professional audio technicians. The company’s global manufacturing and distribution capabilities support customers of all sizes throughout the world. In addition to its catalogue solutions, Penn Elcom uses its extensive design and production capabilities to provide customized solutions to customers’ audio needs.

“Enterprise Management provides the necessary scalability to meet our long-term growth strategy. It has the capability to handle local legislations, currencies and languages, as well as being backed by a network of local support. It also has manufacturing facilities, and not all software systems we looked at offered this capability.”

Robert Platt
Managing director Pro Audio Stash UK
A Penn Elcom Group company


Penn Elcom Group has grown significantly through various acquisitions. Companies coming on board become part of the internal supply chain and need visibility through accurate, timely financial reporting. The company often transfers stock between its various entities and warehouse locations, which required multiple entries into different systems. With more than 15,000 products, it made for a complex and potentially error-prone situation.


Penn Elcom Group selected Enterprise Management as the business management solution that it could extend to all its companies, worldwide. Enterprise Management provides the necessary scalability to meet the company’s growth plans, provides the manufacturing functionality it needs, and offers the multinational functionality to support its global operations.


Enterprise Management provides an international solution that is multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-legislative. The company now has a single, consolidated system that provides a unified source of operational and financial information, with group-wide visibility. Time-consuming manual processes were eliminated, leading to improved productivity. Inter-location transfers have been streamlined. Enterprise Management will scale to support Penn Elcom’s growth ambitions.

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