Russell Sigler heats up operations
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Russell Sigler


Distribution – AC/Heating


North America – United States

Russell Sigler, Inc. is a leading wholesaler of heating and air-conditioning products. Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, the company distributes the Carrier and Bryant product lines from 35 branch locations throughout the Southwest and California, providing contractors with all the necessary equipment, parts, and supplies for installing and maintaining quality commercial and residential air conditioning and heating systems.

“We have more than 40,000 part numbers, thousands of customers, and dozens of locations. It is vital to our success that we have the products our customers want available when and where they want them. Sage X3 helps us do that.”

Rich Unterbrink
IT manager
Russell Sigler Inc.


Russell Sigler required a highly flexible business software solution that could accommodate its unique business requirements as well as effectively manage its supply chain, inventory holdings, and support the fast-paced call centre and counter sales operations.


Sage X3 was selected after a comprehensive selection process that included a review of J.D. Edwards and Infor Distribution. Shortly after the implementation, Russell Sigler went through a major expansion, more than doubling its revenues and employee count, and adding 25 additional locations. Sage X3 provides the company with supply chain management, forecasting tools, and point of sale functionality based on a highly scalable and flexible platform.


Sage X3 handled a tripling of locations and doubling of users without interruption. Integrated forecasting, inventory replenishment controls, sophisticated order fulfillment, and inventory sourcing allows the company to position inventory to satisfy customers’ demands. Quick access to data drives efficiency throughout the organisation, and speeds service in the counter sales and call centre areas. Business-specific functionality was accommodated through the product’s development toolset.

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