S & S Hinge Company makes a successful swing
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S & S Hinge Company


Manufacturing – Industrial Hinges


North America – United States

For more than 80 years, family-owned S & S Hinge Company has been making industrial hinges used across many diverse sectors. It is a highly specialised industry, and to drive growth and profitability, the company continually seeks ways to boost efficiency, speed production, and lower costs.

“We’ve been able to reduce our inventory carrying costs by 30 percent–that represents nearly $500,000 in cash freed up.”

Rich Sade
Vice president and COO
S & S Hinge Company


The company was relying on an outdated accounting application along with separate quoting, scheduling, and CRM applications that were both inefficient and labour intensive to maintain. As part of a lean manufacturing initiative, S & S Hinge Company sought to replace three disconnected applications with a single, integrated solution capable of managing its accounting, manufacturing, and quoting tasks.


Sage X3 was selected from a field of five potential solutions based on its comprehensive functionality and competitive pricing.


Sage X3 successfully replaced three legacy systems, providing a single version of the truth, eliminating duplicate data entry, simplifying reporting, and improving data accessibility. Inventory carrying costs are down by 30 percent, which immediately freed up more than $500,000 in cash. Inventory turns are up by 20 percent. The time to produce a custom quote is down by 75 percent. More than 100 customers were added in one year.

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