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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
makes good fiscal sense for the County Commissioners of Association of Pennsylvania


County Commissioners Association Pennsylvania


Services – Non-profit


North America – United States

The County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP) is a statewide, nonprofit association representing Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. It serves to strengthen the counties’ ability to govern their own affairs and improve the quality of life of their constituents by effecting favourable legislation, programmes, and policies, and by providing strategic programmes, services, and training to its membership, county leaders, and their staff.

“You might think that such a powerful application would be difficult to implement and to use, but it’s not. Enterprise Management is surprisingly fast to implement–we were live within five months. It is also very easy to learn because of its intuitive navigation.”

Tim Waros
Financial analyst
County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania


In recent years, the size and scope of CCAP has grown, prompting the need to update its accounting and financial systems to keep pace. It had been juggling multiple disconnected systems, which led to inefficient and time-consuming duplicate data entry. The organisation required more sophisticated reporting tools to efficiently address its complex financial reporting requirements.


CCAP selected Enterprise Management, Sage Intelligence, and Sage Fixed Assets, migrating from Sage 100 ERP. The solution’s sophisticated financial reporting tools and robust architecture were instrumental in the selection, as was the company’s positive experience using Sage software solutions.


Rapid, straightforward migration from Sage 100 ERP to Enterprise Management helped speed return on investment. Integration with other applications eliminates duplicate data entry and improves accuracy. Sage Intelligence speeds and simplifies report generation using the familiar Excel engine. Flexible architecture supports integration with CCAP’s industry-specific applications. The solution will pay for itself through the overall efficiencies gained.

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