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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
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Distribution – Hygiene Products


Europe – France

The Adelya group specializes in the distribution of cleaning, sanitation, and personal protection products to institutions and authorities. The group generates annual revenues of 50 million euros and employs 220 people, including 110 technicians and sales people in the field.

“Adelya is about people, but it's also about communication tools. We are a connected company and we are very proud of that fact!”

Philippe Scemama
Chairman & CEO
Adelya group


The Adelya group was seeking to improve its responsiveness to customer requests, and optimize communication with its mobile workforce.


Enterprise Management, in combination with a customer extranet, provides customers with the ability to track orders, shipments, and invoices. Sales personnel and field technicians have anytime, anywhere access to the system through their smartphones or a web browser.


Thanks to direct access to information, a product catalogue and order monitoring, customers receive accurate answers to all their questions without delay, resulting in increased satisfaction. Technicians can now complete twice as many on-site activities per day, sending in their reports by smartphone. Similarly, sales personnel can enter their orders directly using their tablet devices, speeding order processing and eliminating duplicate data entry.

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