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Agriloja is a growing force with help from
Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.
Agricultural supplies distributor boosts
productivity and gains visibility.




Distribution – Food & Beverage


Europe – Portugal

Agriloja is a major retailer specializing in agricultural products. Headquartered in Portugal, the company has recently expanded operations to Spain. With more than 18,000 products, many of its own brand, Agriloja is a growing force in the industry.

“We wanted software that would provide integrated, real-time management of both single and multiple sales outlets... and our customer support and service areas.”

Miguel Filipe


In order to meet the challenges of expansion to new markets, the company had to find a technology platform to replace several programs it was using simultaneously. It sought to centralize and consolidate the information to allow for timely and accurate decision-making.


Enterprise Management and Sage XRT were the technological solutions chosen by Agriloja. These two solutions provide ready access to real-time data, facilitating strategic decision-making.


With the implementation of Enterprise Management, Agriloja can now make decisions with real-time knowledge of what is happening in each of the group’s 18 outlets in Portugal. The company gained visibility into what is being ordered, what is being delivered, and what is being sold. Productivity gains were realized as a result of the ease of data access and the integration of the company’s business data into a single, powerful solution.

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