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Altrad Group selects
Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
for its flexibility visibility, and performance


Altrad Group


Process Manufacturing – Construction


Europe – France plus 60 countries

Altrad Group is the world’s leading concrete mixer manufacturer, Europe’s leading scaffolding supplier, and France’s leading community service provider. Made up of more than 30 companies, with over 3,000 employees at work in 60 countries, Altrad Group has built a reputation for excellence–both for its products and for its service.

“Before, production could only receive information about orders in the evening because the system processed data in batches. Today, everything is accessible in real time and our processes are much smoother.”

Bruno Guiraud
IT manager
Altrad Group


Maintenance on the company’s system of in-house-developed applications had become extremely cumbersome. Faced with starting over, or selecting an off-the-shelf business management suite, Altrad Group made the decision to move to an established solution.


After a careful review of leading business management software applications, Altrad Group selected Enterprise Management for its modern architecture, rapid deployment time, and its ability to integrate with many of the company’s existing software applications.


The solution’s ease of use reduces the burden on the company’s IT department. Barcode data collection eliminated manual data entry, reducing errors and improving tracking capabilities. Integrated CRM supports the company’s sales and customer service departments. The flexibility and configurability of Enterprise Management means it is adaptable to the needs of each of the company’s various divisions. Executives have access to reliable, strategic data, enhancing visibility and shortening response times.

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