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As global leader in innovation and high‐tech engineering consulting, Altran Technologies has been providing services for more than thirty years to key players in the aerospace, automotive, energy, railway, finance, healthcare, and telecommunication sectors. With more than 17,000 employees and 100 distinct business units across 26 countries, Altran Technologies has the resources, experience, and expertise smart businesses seek out.

“When we had finished reviewing them, Enterprise Management was the obvious choice for invoicing and accounting, as it was an easy application to administrate and because it could handle each business unit independently with à-la-carte features.”

Xavier de Saint Albin
Altran Technologies


Each of the Altran Technologies’ 100 business divisions was running a stand-alone business management application, which greatly complicated the company’s accounting and financial operations. It sought to implement a global business management solution that could serve as the backbone of its operations, consolidating invoicing and accounting functions, while still accommodating the varying needs of each division.


The company performed an exhaustive search, narrowing the field of potential solutions from an initial 300 to 20, and then ultimately to three. Following the review, Enterprise Management was the obvious choice, due to its ease of administration and inherent flexibility to meet the differing requirements of each business division.


Leveraging the flexible architecture of Enterprise Management, Altran Technologies has built integrations between Enterprise Management and a number of specialized applications to extend the value and usability of the solution. Invoice accuracy has greatly improved. Powerful reporting generation and delivery tools provide valuable data to those who need it–automatically. Strong security features control data access across the enterprise.

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