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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
keeps business growing at A.M. Leonard


A.M. Leonard


Distribution – Tools and Supplies


North America – United States

For more than 130 years, A.M. Leonard has delivered tools and supplies to both professionals in the horticulture industry and to home gardening enthusiasts. The company differentiates itself by selling quality products and backing them with the best customer service possible. The company has a multifaceted sales channel that includes a busy call center handling phone and mail orders, two websites, and channel sales through,, and

“Enterprise Management is completely configurable to our business processes. Now we get more packages out the door with less staff.”

Gertner Barry
IS director
A.M. Leonard


A.M. Leonard sought a scalable and customizable business management solution to replace its aging and inflexible application. Changes to the software to keep up with the company’s growth and change proved to be both expensive and time consuming, and had to be performed by outside programmers.


The company selected Enterprise Management for its inherent flexibility, configurability, scalability, and adaptability to its complex and changing business needs.


Order processing is faster, with instant freight quotes and access to detailed item information. The inventory physical count process time has been cut in half. Using the Enterprise Management Material requirements planning function, A.M. Leonard is able to make smarter purchasing decisions, minimizing carrying costs while ensuring it carries the right product mix. Enterprise Management supports the company’s complex pricing structure and enables it to track the overall success of its various promotions, email campaigns, and catalog mailings.

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