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fuels improvements for Avis Fleet Services


Avis Fleet Service


Services – Vehicle Leasing


AAMEA – South Africa

In 1980 Avis Fleet was a fledgling company with only a few vehicles and a brand promise to deliver exceptional fleet products and solutions. It has since grown to become the largest fleet management company in Southern Africa with over 3,000 customers, 300,000 vehicles, and operations in eight African countries.

“We evaluated numerous leading-edge solutions before agreeing that the ease of use, agility, and functionality offered by Enterprise Management made it perfect for our needs. It gave us the ideal platform at a price point and a manageable risk profile which was in line with our future strategy.”

Mike Re
Chief information officer
Avis Fleet Services


Avis Fleet Services started the search for a new financial management platform as part of its growth and expansion strategy. It sought a solution that would provide it with better financial visibility in monthly reporting, and would enable it to move towards more automated and streamlined processes.


The company selected Enterprise Management after evaluating several business management solutions. Enterprise Management stood out for its attractive price point, ease of use, and rich feature set.


The financial team at Avis Fleet Services is realizing the benefits of integrated and standardized processes, including improved functionality for daily tasks such as reconciliations, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Enterprise Management delivers real-time financial reporting and intelligent dashboards that provide staff with decision-making data. The solution is helping Avis Fleet Services create a best practice foundation to support future growth and expansion.

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