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Process Manufacturing – Thermoplastic


Europe – Spain

Benvic, a subsidiary of the Open Gate Group, operates throughout Europe from its manufacturing facilities in France, Italy and Spain. The business employs over 200 people with annual revenues of $220 million. Benvic develops, produces and markets high quality, innovative PVC-based thermoplastic solutions in the form of powders and compounds that are utilized across a wide range of end-applications including building and construction, automotive and aerospace, cabling, pharmaceutical, packaging and fluid transport.

“The user-friendliness and strict structural development environment of Enterprise Management has allowed us to develop modules to manage this system and other specific functions integrated within it.”

Jordi Font
IT Director


Benvic needed to update its computer systems. To address constant technological and legislative changes quickly, it was essential for the company to migrate from its existing ERP system.


Benvic decided to update its IT systems by migrating from the previous application to Enterprise Management. The modules selected were stock, manufacturing, purchasing, sales, finance, and fixed assets.


Enterprise Management provides the advanced manufacturing toolset required to accurately and consistently produce quality goods. Thanks to the ease with which Enterprise Management allows data to be processed and turned into useful information, Benvic’s productivity has increased. The visibility and easy access to business data speeds decision-making and delivers confidence to Benvic’s management team.

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