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Bonnysa roots its success in
Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management




Process Manufacturing – Food & Beverage


Europe – Spain

Bonnysa Agroalimentaria is an enterprise group comprising more than 50 companies. S.A.T. Bonnysa stands at the heart of the group, and focuses on the production and distribution of tomatoes and tomato-based products to supermarket and major retail chains.

“We chose Enterprise Management as it approached process management in a more innovative and original way.”

José Ripoll
Administration Director


Bonnysa needed to replace its old management systems with a modern business management solution that could support its current information needs and its future management processes, as well as support its goal for continued process improvement.


The company implemented Enterprise Management and Sage Abel Enterprise as the tools to help it approach process management in a more innovative and original way.


Enterprise Management facilitates real-time decision-making based on accurate, up-to-date data. Easy access to data and visibility into all aspects of the production engine help Bonnysa assess profitability and control costs. The new platform helps streamline the supplier order process and the management of delivery lead times. It is now easy to determine available stock by warehouse and in total.

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