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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
fuels faster processing for Brent Oil


Brent Oil


Distribution – Oil & Gas


AAMEA – South Africa

Brent Oil is South Africa’s largest and fastest-growing non-refining fuel wholesaler. The company provides the finest grades of petrol, diesel, and lubricants to the commercial sector while offering the highest levels of service. Recently, Brent Oil established itself in the retail market, and now has more than 50 service stations nationwide.

“Enterprise Management has excellent functionality for our industry, catering to needs such as accurate scheduling for our 40-tanker transport fleet, and complex product pricing that varies between regional zones.”

Henry Erasmus
Chief operations officer
Brent Oil


Brent Oil decided to implement a robust business management solution after rapid growth demanded that it put systems in place that would provide better real-time visibility into its vital operational and financial data.


The company selected Enterprise Management in large part for its strong reputation in the oil and gas sector in South Africa. The software met the company’s requirements for solid financial functionality and flexibility to meet industry needs such as fleet scheduling and regional pricing.


Using Enterprise Management platform, Brent Oil has been able to speed up business processes while improving the accuracy of its financial data and has gained access to detailed operational information that helps it make strategic business decisions. Mobile functionality allows invoicing upon fuel delivery, which speeds up the payment cycle and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry in the back office.

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