Success is brewing at Cafés Careca.
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Cafés Careca


Distribution – Food & Beverage


Europe – Spain

Cafés Careca, based in the Canary Islands, has been buying, selling, and importing coffee for over 100 years. Built on the foundation of providing the best standard of service in a culture of innovation and constant renewal, the company strives for excellence in its relationships with clients and suppliers. Cafés Careca continues to grow and diversify its operations in response to the needs of its customers.

“Our management team and staff are very happy as we have immediate access to analytical and reporting tools that reveal our current situation.”

Vicente Martín Abrante
IT Director
Cafés Careca


Cafés Careca needed to modernize its technological platform to support the company's new requirements and processes and gain better access to the information necessary for the company's day-to-day needs.


Cafés Careca surveyed the market to find the best modern business management solution for its needs. Enterprise Management was selected for its strength in the areas of finance, purchasing, sales, and inventory management.


The move to Enterprise Management allowed the company to optimize human resource management, reduce costs, and streamline processes. Furthermore, it was also an opportunity to find ways in which to shorten data processing times and eliminate obsolete data. The inherent flexibility of Enterprise Management means that it can readily adapt to meet Cafés Careca’s business processes. The company has gained a business management solution that will support its growth and changing business demands.

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