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Services – Energy


Europe – Portugal

Climaespaço was created in the Parque das Nações area (Lisbon) during Expo '98. The power station, which allowed for the creation of the first urban heating and cooling network, manages an energy distribution network of more than 85 kilometers, reaching thousands of residential customers.

“Nowadays all the information -- and we’re talking about huge amounts of data of enormous complexity -- is accessible to every sector of the company and can be accessed by all of our employees. In other words, Enterprise Management has now become an essential asset.”

João Castanheira


Climaespaço needed to upgrade its office technology to speed up its processes. Its business information was spread across several systems and was difficult to access.


Climaespaço selected Enterprise Management, an international solution with a wide spectrum of functionality and the ability to handle the company’s very specific production and distribution needs, making it possible to implement and enforce many of its business rules.


Enterprise Management has standardized data production and access. Now all the necessary data can be accessed in real time, supporting the company’s ability to make swift business decisions.

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