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CRP Industries


Manufacturing – Automotive


North America – United States

CRP Industries is an importer and distributor of automotive and industrial products. Its extensive product line spans markets covering automotive replacement parts, high-speed motors, and industrial hoses. The automotive replacement segment services customers such as BMW of North America and Volkswagen of America.

“With improved visibility into real-time information comes the ability to manage exceptions better and adjust quickly to changing customer needs.”

Daniel Schildge
Vice president
CRP Industries


The company’s 20-year-old legacy software wasn’t allowing it to keep inventory and service rates in balance, particularly as part numbers and sales volumes increased over the years. The business drivers for change centered on the company’s desire to improve inventory fill rates while reducing inventory levels, ship orders faster and with greater accuracy, and reduce costs and streamline operations by automating more processes, particularly in its finished goods warehouses.


Enterprise Management was selected for its robust order fulfillment capabilities across sales, picking, shipping, invoicing, and procurement. It offers comprehensive warehouse location management features and automated data collection capabilities that supported key transactions such as physical counts and inventory receipts right out of the box. In addition, Enterprise Management provides production capabilities that were readily scalable to CRP’s light assembly operations.


Order cycle times are significantly improved with most orders going out the same day. Visibility into real-time information allows the company to manage exceptions and adjust quickly to changing customer needs. New labor-tracking capabilities provide visibility into labor costs for each warehouse, enabling CRP to determine actual profit by order. Better forecasting helps the company reduce stock levels and optimize its inventory holdings.

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