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Délices de Saint Léonard realizes
enhanced stock management with
Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management


Délices de Saint Léonard


Process Manufacturing – Food & Beverage


Europe – France

Founded in 1993, Délices de Saint Léonard specializes in the production of fine frozen foods, including quiches, pizzas, pies, pancakes, and sweet and savory sandwiches that it sells to Les Mousquetaires under the Fiorini and Claude Léger brand names. Employing a staff of 250 and generating an annual revenue of 45 million euros, Délices de Saint Léonard continues to grow its success and market share.

“Thanks to the Enterprise Management solution, our stocks of raw materials, packaging, and finished products are now completely reliable, which means we can guarantee the upstream-downstream traceability of our goods.”

Anthony Loheas
Industrial management controller
Délices de Saint Léonard


Délices de Saint Léonard was utilizing multiple disconnected applications and relying on many manual processes. It sought to better manage and integrate its entire supply chain, from order through delivery into a single, powerful business management solution.


The company selected Enterprise Management for its comprehensive sales, purchasing, production, shipping, and accounting functionality as well as for its advanced functionality specific to the food and beverage industry.


Production entry tasks have moved to the production floor, facilitating the access to real-time manufacturing data. Using the comprehensive forward and backward lot traceability functionality in Enterprise Management, the company eliminated a cumbersome and labor-intensive paper documentation system. An integrated RFID stock management solution speeds and streamlines order processing, stock transfers, and physical counts. Overall accuracy of inventory data has greatly improved, resulting in fewer stock outs.

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