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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
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Logistics provider expands operations
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Erdt group


Services – Fulfillment


Europe – Germany

The Erdt group specializes in the professional preparation, packaging, and shipment of goods for e-commerce consumer goods merchants. By providing its customers with the option of outsourcing the entire order management process, those customers can focus on their core business objectives.

“Effective monitoring, combined with up-to-date information on order statuses and areas for action, has taken our order management to a whole new level.”

Mathias Illius
Head of Business Development, IT & Operations


Until recently, the company was using an in-house system to manage its processes, involving many manual sub-steps without any integration between order processing and logistics. Erdt needed a professional, tightly integrated solution to improve information transparency and responsiveness. The company sought to optimize order handling while improving both inventory control and invoicing.


Enterprise Management with multi-client capability creates a consistent and accurate flow of deliveries and returns for each customer. All information and business processes are managed in a single system and database.


By interfacing with the company’s other systems, Enterprise Management is able to map Erdt’s entire information chain, from online shopping to order processing, distribution warehouse, and carriers. With its streamlined administration of orders and returns, Erdt is ensuring the rapid shipment of goods, enhancing service levels.

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