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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
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Firwood Paints


Process Manufacturing – Paint & Coating


Europe – United Kingdom

Firwood Paints is a 90-year-old industrial paint manufacturer. Its products are sold throughout the UK, Europe, North America, and the Far East. With annual revenues of £30 million, and a staff of 35, Firwood Paints runs a lean and efficient operation.

“Enterprise Management appeared to offer an integrated system for ERP, accounts, finance, production, and purchasing. It was attractive to have a solution with all the products in one box.”

Martin Wallen
Managing Director
Firwood Paints


Firwood Paints had disparate systems for its financial and operational data, and its CRM data, making it difficult to obtain a clear view of the entire company’s operations.


Enterprise Management, with its broad integrated functionality, including CRM, financial, distribution, business intelligence, and a specialized feature set to support companies in the manufacturing sector, made it an ideal fit for Firwood Paints.


Integration with the company’s ecommerce site speeds order handling and eliminates duplicate data entry. Automated workflows eliminate the need to print and mail invoices and statements, cutting postage costs by 75% and stationary expenses by 40%. Reporting capabilities have improved dramatically, providing insight and decision-making data to management and staff throughout the organization.

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