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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
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at Pierre de Reynal et Cie Group


Groupe Pierre de Reynal et Cie


Manufacturing – Automotive


Europe – France

The Pierre de Reynal et Cie Group's three brands, CCPR Vulco, Pneu Direct and, Speedy are sold throughout Martinique and Guyana. The automotive division of the Pierre de Reynal et Cie Group generates annual revenues of 10 million euros and employs 70 people.

“Enterprise Management is infinitely adaptable and this allowed us to configure the solution to meet our specific business needs.”

Erwan Touchain
Manager of the Automotive Department
Pierre de Reynal et Cie Group


The Group needed a high-performance business management solution to optimize its sales management and bank reconciliations, serve as a robust cost accounting solution, and provide a scalable e-commerce platform.


Enterprise Management combines power and functionality with extensive configurability, which allowed it to meet the enterprise’s specific business needs.


Supporting harmonized invoices and catalogues, interfacing of the e-commerce platform with price and stock data, simple accounting reconciliation, sales analysis, and customer satisfaction, Enterprise Management has brought renewed energy and productivity to Pierre de Reynal et Cie Group. The solution’s extensive flexibility means that it can be molded to the specific nature of the Group's business, particularly its import activities. Overall, the company reports optimization of its resources and workflows at all levels, including accounting, sales, and marketing.

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