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Guru Labels


Manufacturing – Printing Labels


AAMEA – Australia

Since 2001, Guru Labels has been delivering quality label and print products backed by fast, customer-centric service. The Guru Labels team encompasses more than five decades of experience in Graphic Design, Printing, Packaging and Promotional Merchandise.

“We’re saving a large percent of time on a task that is repeated many, many times a day. We’re probably sixty to seventy percent more efficient at getting the quote to the customer now.”

Nick Lowe
Sales Director
Guru Labels


Multiple, disparate applications made it difficult to collect and analyze information regarding the company’s manufacturing, inventory, purchasing, finance, CRM, and sales data. The company sought to implement a single, powerful, integrated business management solution that could help lower costs, improve margins, and boost customer satisfaction rates.


Guru Label reviewed several solutions before selecting Enterprise Management for the product’s broad, integrated functionality and its robust web service features.


Quotes are now generated in seconds, down from an average of four to five minutes. Improved workflow processing of the quote through order cycle has reduced errors, sped turnaround time, and boosted customer satisfaction. Integrated web services expand the company’s marketplace. Online orders jumped from just 10 percent to more than 30 percent of orders. Automated order handling leads to faster processing without additional staff resources.

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