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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
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Process Manufacturing – Food & Beverage


Europe – France

Based in France and Germany, Gyma is an agro-food production company specializing in the manufacture and packaging of sauces such as ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise for trade customers. It has annual revenues of 43 million euros and employs 200 people.

“Enterprise Management streamlines relationships between scheduling, purchasing and stocks, helping us to create and optimize almost 12,000 production orders per year at our two sites.”

Frédéric Devine
IT Director


Gyma wanted a single, integrated business management solution to serve as the cornerstone of its business, capable of managing all of its diverse accounting, manufacturing, and distribution activities.


Enterprise Management is now at the center of Gyma's production, supply chain, and receipts processing, providing centralized management to its various sites and enabling high-performance management control through the breadth of data it collects and maintains.


The Enterprise Management Receipts module saves a significant amount of time through the modelling of future receipts before bench testing. Packaging data and shipment data are now collected instantly through mobile data collection devices and tablets for complete traceability. The collected data helps in improving workflow processes and projecting accurate product costing.

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