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Iserba Group improves service levels
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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management


Iserba Group


Services – Property Maintenance


Europe – France

Iserba Group, headquartered in Vaulx-en-Velin, France, provides a full range of services linked to the maintenance of social housing. The Group has 750 employees annual revenues of 52 million euros.

“The ability to use Enterprise Management to build a fully integrated solution that is perfectly adapted to our activities is clearly a vector of growth for the company!”

Michel Vigier
IT Manager


Slowed down by obsolete and disparate systems, the Iserba Group was looking for a unified management solution to help optimize its operations. The organization sought a solution that was flexible enough to adapt to its business processes, rather than requiring it to change processing to fit the software application.


The combination of Enterprise Management and GFI's X3 Services module resulted in the creation of an open, adaptable, and versatile system used by all employees. It optimizes mobile access – improving customer service levels and promoting the efficient management of the business through powerful reporting tools.


The company’s 600 technicians use smartphones and tablet computers in the field, uploading on-site activity reports to the system in just eight minutes, compared with several days previously. A customer extranet enhances customer satisfaction, and all workflows are optimized as a result of the integration of formerly separate business functions. Enterprise Management offers the flexibility and configurability the company requires, easily adapting to its unique demands.

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