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Jupiter Marketing Ltd


Distribution – Food & Beverage


Europe – United Kingdom

Jupiter Marketing Ltd supplies fresh produce, sourced directly from growers throughout the world, to businesses across the UK and around the globe. It offers both growers and customers a secure, efficient supply chain, and it’s a highly successful business model - with current year revenues expected to top £50 million.

“In our line of business anything can happen. We have to be flexible, and so the system has to be flexible too.”

Ian Grubb
Financial Controller
Jupiter Marketing Ltd


Jupiter Marketing is experiencing rapid growth, in excess of 20 percent year over year. The company’s existing financial application could not deliver the sophisticated profit analysis needed to support the growth. Global expansion plans would require the company to support multiple legislative frameworks. Sales staff had no ability to enter and monitor customer orders while outside the office.


Enterprise Management met the company’s requirements, proving to be agile, adaptable, and capable of supporting the company’s current and future requirements.


Quick access to actionable business data helps the company react and compete in a volatile marketplace. A secure web portal enables growers to access information for themselves and allows the sales team to enter and track orders from wherever they are working, boosting both service and efficiency. Support for multiple languages and legislative frameworks accommodates Jupiter Marketing’s growing international trade.

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