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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
is serving up success for Nando’s restaurant group




Process Manufacturing – Food & Beverage


AAMEA – South Africa

Nando’s, the popular South African-based restaurant group, operates in 30 countries on five continents, and specializes in flame-grilled spicy chicken dishes. Nando’s has its origins in a mining town in South Africa, where many Mozambicans of Portuguese origin relocated in search of gold, carrying with them their own favorite recipes. The restaurant incorporates these traditional influences and combines them with a modern twist that is nothing short of addictive.

“At the core, we needed to find a business management solution that could holistically integrate and report across all the different business divisions within Nando’s from a financial point of view, to provide us with a comprehensive overview of our business operation.”

Denise Fourie
Financial director


Nando’s sought a software solution that could help integrate the accounting and financial reporting tasks of its 279 locations in South Africa. It also required a solution that could support the complex process manufacturing and distribution side of the business that prepares, packages, and ships its sauces and ingredients around the globe.


The advanced capabilities of Enterprise Management provide the perfect solution to seamlessly incorporate all the varying business functions that Nando’s requires.


Thanks to the product’s inherent flexibility, Nando’s was able to configure Enterprise Management to support its royalty invoicing, a vital component of franchise accounting. The software effectively meets the company’s complex financial reporting requirements, including the ability to track point of sale and banking activity data from each store. Robust security features in the software ensure each user may only view the data they’ve been authorized for.

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