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Distribution – Sporting Goods


North America – United States

Founded in 1997 by an entrepreneur with a passion for fast cars, guns, and the outdoors, NcSTAR Inc. sells a variety of shooting accessories, scopes, laser mounts, and sporting gear backed by the best service and warranty in the business. It’s a successful formula that has kept NcSTAR growing and expanding its market share from the start.

“The time-saving efficiencies we’ve gained with Enterprise Management afford us more time to nurture our relationships, building long-term, happy customers.”

Daniel Samaniego
Distribution Manager


NcSTAR’s entry-level accounting software was no longer keeping up with the volume of data the company was amassing, nor did it have the robust inventory management features needed to keep the distributor on its current growth track.


Enterprise Management provides a scalable, flexible platform for NcSTAR, meeting its needs today, and accommodating its growth into the future.


Insight into item sales history, trends, and profitability help the company make strategic decisions about what, and how much, to stock. Order processing is faster and more accurate. The flexible architecture of Enterprise Management allows for custom interfaces to be incorporated, meeting the specialized needs of the company.

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