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Olmix Group rolls out
Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management




Process Manufacturing – Bio-materials


Europe – France

A desire to provide natural alternatives to agricultural additives led to the creation of Olmix Group in 1995. Since that time, the company has become one of the major global specialists in marine biotechnology and green chemistry. As a specialist in marine biotechnology, Olmix Group brings natural sources of nutrition and good health to animals, plants, and people, for a complete, consistent food and health chain.

“As a multi-lingual solution covering a number of different legislations, Enterprise Management represents the perfect response to our international management requirements.”

Jean Marie Bocher
International director


Olmix is witnessing strong growth, both in France and internationally. As a result of this rapid expansion, the company sought a robust, global business management solution that would help the company standardize and optimize its management processes across al production sites and distribution subsidiaries.


Enterprise Management was already in successful use by staff at the company’s headquarters, so it was naturally considered as an option to roll out internationally. The fact that Sage retains an active presence in all the countries in which Olmix operates was an important consideration. Most importantly, Enterprise Management met each of the specific requirements, including multicurrency and multi-language that Olmix identified as necessary in its corporate business software solution.


Advanced financial reporting capabilities enable Olmix to generate the sophisticated consolidated financial reports required of a publicly traded company. Olmix imports large volumes of raw materials and Enterprise Management enables the company to accurately track and account for that inventory during the entire transport process. The inherent flexibility within the software enabled Olmix to integrate Enterprise Management with its automated production system, enhancing the precision and efficiency of its operations.

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