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Steel mill services company, Phoenix Services,
expands to seven countries with
Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management


Phoenix Services


Manufacturing – Steel Mill


Europe – France

Phoenix Services provides responsive world-class service to steel producers around the globe. A distinctive strength of Phoenix Services is the quality and productivity of its processing plants, which ensures maximum metal recovery for return to its steel company customers, and contributes to the company’s expertise in marketing steel mill by-products, including slag, mill scale, and refractory and residual metallic.

“Enterprise Management allows us to cover both group accounting and local statutory accounting. The main benefit for us was that we were able to cut back the closing and consolidation cycle from two months to less than two weeks.”

Bart Venesoen
International Controller
Phoenix Services


Phoenix Services was experiencing rapid growth, which placed a significant strain on the company’s existing accounting application. Reporting and consolidation tasks combining multiple entities, currencies, and legislations were a burdensome challenge. A large acquisition of a French company drove the company’s decision to implement a new business management solution.


The company selected Enterprise Management for its global functionality, including multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-legislative support, and for the solution’s ability to be rapidly implemented and configured across multiple offices.


Enterprise Management is operational in seven countries, meeting the unique requirements of each location. The solution’s flexibility enables the company to rapidly react and accommodate to changing market demands. Period end closing and consolidation timeline slashed from two months to two weeks. Detailed cost tracking for the company’s heavy equipment is now possible.

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