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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
simplifies processes at Queijo Saloio.

Cheese manufacturer optimizes production planning.


Queijo Saloio


Process Manufacturing – Food & Beverage


Europe – Portugal

Queijo Saloio began as a small farm producing cheese from the milk of its own herd. More than four decades later, quality and tradition remain the cornerstones of Queijo Saloio. While remaining faithful to its tradition, the company focuses on innovation to develop new products that meet the modern consumers’ needs. The company’s two plants in Portugal process over 100 thousand liters of milk daily, and produce approximately three thousand tons of cheese annually.

“Managing 200 products and approximately 600 clients had become very complicated. With Enterprise Management, the whole thing became much simpler.”

Rui Marciano
Queijo Saloio


Queijo Saloio operates in a heavily regulated market with strict compliance mandates. The company sought a business management solution that would provide fast access to the real-time operational data, with traceability, production planning capabilities, and efficient processing of all the information.


Queijo Saloio chose Enterprise Management for its ability to handle the complex needs of food manufacturers. Enterprise Management delivers fast access to information and swift and complete traceability of raw ingredients and finished goods.


Production planning and financial analysis processes are streamlined and simplified. Customer orders are handled much more quickly. The solution facilitates production planning and purchasing, and processes data quickly, simply, and efficiently. Electronic communication with the company’s suppliers speeds the flow of information.

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