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RATP Développement deploys
Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
across 12 countries


RATP Développement


Services – Public Transportation


Europe – France

RATP Développement provides operation and maintenance services covering all forms of land transportation, including buses, light rail, metros, regional railways, and more. Its 13,500 employees operate in 12 countries, managing–for example–60 bus routes in London, Manchester's tram system, Algiers' metro system, the bus networks in Bourges, Mantes-la-Jolie and Moulins in France, the tram system in Florence, and several bus companies in the United States.

“Enterprise Management is an ergonomic, open management solution, which can be adapted to meet the requirements of all legislations.”

Jean-Benoit Pimpaneau
Information systems director
RATP Développement


The company had been outsourcing accounting functions at its head office, while subsidiaries used a variety of different software packages. With the company's rapid growth, the old way of operating no longer met its needs. RATP Développement wanted to restructure its financial systems and adopt a standardized, centralized accounting solution for the group's head office and subsidiaries. The solution needed to support multiple companies and currencies, and had to be easy to implement and use.


Enterprise Management was selected following a formal and exhaustive search and evaluation. The comprehensive end-to-end functionality of Enterprise Management was a primary reason for the decision, as was the solution’s low total cost of ownership and its ease of administration.


Deployment at each division was fast and efficient, speeding the company’s return on investment. Employees find Enterprise Management easy to learn and easy to use, minimizing training costs. Improved financial reporting results from a standardized solution across divisions. The solution is flexible and powerful enough to adapt to the various and changing requirements of each international market.

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