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Property and finance advisory firm Sherry Fitzgerald Group
makes the move to greater efficiency


Sherry Fitzgerald Group


Services – Property & Mortgage


Europe – Ireland

Shopping for a waterfront villa in Dublin or a country home in Cork? Sherry Fitzgerald Group is the firm to call. Founded in 1982, the company has grown into Ireland’s leading property and mortgage advisory firm with 92 offices nationwide. The company’s depth of expertise in the property sector is unrivalled, and its brands are among the most recognized in Ireland.

“We expect to cut the time it takes to process invoices and intercompany recharges by 40%, the equivalent of 2 days per week just through using standard Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management functionality.”

Steven McKenna
Group Finance Director
Sherry Fitzgerald Group


The company’s existing accounting application was not designed to effectively manage multiple divisions, locations, and corporate entities, making reporting a laborious and time-consuming manual task. Duplicate data entry was required to complete inter-company transactions, creating a burden on a lean and busy staff. Overall, Sherry Fitzgerald Group sought to automate manual processes, eliminate paper, and drive efficiency.


Sherry Fitzgerald Group selected Enterprise Management after reviewing other potential solutions, including Oracle and SAP. Enterprise Management offered the rich functionality the company sought, and represented the biggest value for the investment.


Users can access real-time data across multiple companies without the need to log in and out of different accounts, saving an enormous amount of time. Timesheet and expense tracking automates these once manual tasks, eliminating paperwork, delivering savings on storage costs, and streamlining processing and approvals. The ease of use of Enterprise Management sped user adoption and jumpstarted the firm’s return on investment.

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