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Synergix doubles revenue with
Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management




Distribution – Office Supplies


AAMEA – Morocco

Headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco, Synergix specializes in selling highly sophisticated office and graphic arts printers.

“This improved control has enabled us to double our turnover in just a few months, from 3.5 million euros to 7 million euros in just one year.”

Hicham Aamou
Managing director


To support the continued growth of its business, Synergix needed to create a structured framework to manage its operations. The core of that framework would be a new business management solution that could help improve and optimize the company’s data management and workflows. The new application needed to be capable of managing Synergix’s fleet of rented printers located on clients’ sites, and the associated maintenance contracts.


Synergix selected Enterprise Management after seeing the solution in action at another company’s site and determining that it best addressed the challenges it was facing. The ability to customize the application to meet some of the company’s unique requirements was a decisive factor.


Revenue doubled in the first year. Streamlined workflows enabled Synergic to manage its accounts receivable in house again, after outsourcing this activity–saving money and improving cash flow. Productivity gains are realized through secure and real-time data access and informative dashboards. Integrated CRM functionality allows Synergix’s sales team to better manage and monitor its customer interactions. Developer toolset supported the integration of unique business requirements.

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