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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
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at automotive research group Thatcham Research


Thatcham Research


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Europe – United Kingdom

Established by the motor insurance industry in 1969, Thatcham Research is the motor insurance industry’s automotive research center – with a mission to contain or reduce the cost of motor insurance claims while maintaining safety standards.

“Bringing all parts of the business together as well as offering additional functionality as standard, meant going with Enterprise Management was the easiest and most cost-effective decision.”

Ruth McRitchie
Financial Director
Thatcham Research


Thatcham Research is in the data business, yet it wasn’t able to get the financial and operational data it needed from its ERP application. The application proved difficult for staff to use, which slowed the adoption rate and further hindered data exchange between departments. In addition, the company lacked an integrated CRM system.


The company selected Enterprise Management for its broad range of integrated functionality, including CRM, and for the product’s inherent scalability which would allow the company to roll out additional functionality over time.


Streamlined processes in expense tracking and order entry boost overall productivity levels. Integrated CRM saves the time and cost involved in implementing a separate solution, and provides a single corporate-wide view of Thatcham Research’s customers and business partners. Dashboards delivers real-time, relevant data to each staff member. Quick data queries and reports speed staff’s ability to uncover answers.

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