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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
makes waves at Tropical Marine Center


Tropical Marine Centre


Distribution – Food & Beverage


Europe – Portugal

From clownfish and groupers to eels and urchins, Tropical Marine Centre is Europe's leading supplier of ethically-sourced marine stock to the trade. Tropical Marine Centre's pioneering work on welfare and environmental issues relating to the collection and importation of marine fish has established it as a center of excellence and technical expertise within the ornamental marine fish industry.

“With Enterprise Management we achieve greater standardization of processes and save resources in the long term.”

Brian Schaff
General manager
Tropical Marine Centre Iberia


Tropical Marine Centre had been relying on two separate operation and accounting applications that were difficult and inefficient to maintain. Reconciliation between the two systems was time consuming and complex. The company sought a single, integrated business management solution to centralize and streamline its accounting, financial reporting, and operational tasks.


Enterprise Management was selected for its flexibility to match the specific processes of Tropical Marine Centre. Configurable fields and workflows, support for multiple languages and multiple legislations, and the software’s reputation as a global corporate solution were among the reasons the company selected Enterprise Management.


Accounting, operation, and financial reporting tasks are now centralized in a single software application, boosting productivity and eliminating duplicate efforts. Integration with Tropical Marine Centre’s online sales platform speeds and streamlines order processing. Thanks to the successful roll out of Enterprise Management in Portugal, the company has decided to roll out Enterprise Management to its entire European operation.

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