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Unicâmbio counts
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Currency-exchange bureau grows
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Services – Currency Exchange


Europe – Portugal

Unicâmbio is Portugal’s oldest and most established currency-exchange bureau with over 70 locations throughout the country.

“Enterprise Management has brought us greater efficiency, reduced costs, and a better capacity for response, but most importantly, it means that our clients receive better, faster service.”

Fernando Fernandes


Unicâmbio needed a modern, integrated business management solution, which would eliminate the duplication of data entry between disparate applications, would have no limits in terms of legislation, and would provide greater control in the case of both client references and bank transactions.


Enterprise Management was selected for its strong multinational capabilities and its flexibility to allow the company to respond to changing market demands.


Using Enterprise Management, Unicâmbio benefits from greater flexibility, stronger growth, a more attractive visual environment for users, and greater operational control. Thanks to the flexible integration environment of Enterprise Management, an industry add-on solution for the currency exchange market was easily incorporated.

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