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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
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united-domains AG


Services – Internet Domains


Europe – Germany

“The best address for the Web” is the promise from united-domains AG, a successful Internet domain registration and management company formed in 2000. Today the company employs a team of 90 and serves more than 300,000 customers across Europe and in North America, through its U.S. subsidiary.

“In our globalized world, where proof of compliance is at the top of the agenda, we need a conformant and scalable system that can adapt to different countries’ legal and tax guidelines without our support.”

Silvia Bösemüller
united-domains AG


The customer growth triggered by the new Internet extensions (.berlin and shop for example) was one of the key factors that induced united-domains AG to start its search for a new, robust business management solution. The company’s existing software would not support multicurrency transactions, necessary as the company does business throughout Europe and through a U.S. subsidiary.


Enterprise Management was selected for its multi-legislation and multicurrency capabilities and its flexible development platform that would enable the company to adapt the software to its unique requirements. The ability of the software to successfully handle a large and growing transaction volume was also key to the selection of Enterprise Management.


united-domains AG is successfully and securely processing more than 3,000 invoices each day. The entire billing process has been automated, from invoice generation, to dunning processes and debiting. Bidirectional integration with the company’s registration website makes it possible for the company to securely and accurately handle thousands or new user requests each month. Legacy data was imported into Enterprise Management to speed the solution’s usability and return on investment.

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