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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
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Universal Paper and Plastics


Manufacturing – Paper and Plastic


AAMEA – South Africa

Universal Paper and Plastics prides itself in the production and supply of high quality printed napkins, bathroom tissue, and household towels. The company was established in 1950 by the Sher family, and as a family-owned business spanning across four generations, has dedicated itself to the development of innovative everyday products that satisfy the creative minds and hygienic needs of the South African consumer market.

“Accurate forecasting has enabled us to plan to have the correct materials available at the right time.”

Barry Sher
Managing director
Universal Paper and Plastics


Universal Paper and Plastics needed a business management system that was capable of integrating and automating its production and supply processes.


Enterprise Management was selected for its advanced manufacturing functionality, and its integrated inventory management and accounting capabilities that allow Universal Paper and Plastic to remain competitive in a tough economy.


By automating business processes, Enterprise Management helps Universal Paper and Plastics streamline daily tasks, improve the accuracy of its data, and accelerate data flow throughout the organization. A comprehensive production planning module delivers an accurate real-time picture of the production process, enabling the company to reduce operating and overhead costs. Forecasting capabilities have greatly improved.

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