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Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management
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Woodlands Foundation


Services – Non-profit


North America – USA

It is impossible not to feel the energy and enthusiasm present when camps sponsored by The Woodlands Foundation are in session. Using its fully accessible and barrier-free facilities, the foundation’s programs enable children and adults with disabilities and chronic illnesses to experience social, cultural, environmental, recreational, creative, and spiritual growth.

“We are able to run this organization with one part-time financial clerk. That is due in large part to the efficiencies gained with Enterprise Management.”

Peter Clakeley
Executive director
The Woodlands Foundation


After being spun off from a larger nonprofit, The Woodlands Foundation needed tools to manage its finances more efficiently and better financial reporting capabilities. Board members, contributors, and regulatory bodies were demanding reports that traced funds received to specific program expenditures. And the foundation had to achieve these mission-critical objectives constrained by a charity’s tightly limited budget.


Enterprise Management was selected over a decade ago for its robust financial and accounting functionality, and it continues to meet the exacting needs of the foundation.


Thanks to broad efficiency gains, one part-time financial clerk can handle the foundation’s accounting. Three weeks are shaved off the monthly reporting cycle. Powerful and flexible reporting tools enable the organization to meet varied and stringent financial reporting demands. Fund accounting is well supported.

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