Electronic Document Management - PIA

The Purchase Invoice Automation (PIA) solution uses intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to capture data from paper invoices and credit notes and automate filing in the Electronic Document Management (EDM) for Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management. The PIA solution improves the efficiency of the Accounts Payable function by automating the processing of paper and PDF invoices.

Note: V1 Electronic Document Management is a prerequisite.

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Certified Solution
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  • Increased productivity, saving time on data entry, earlier capture of invoices and credit notes
  • Increased cost savings: savings on internal postage, physical storage, eliminate photocopying or handling queries through email
  • Compliance, improving auditability with relational database technology for document storage
  • Reduced errors of manual keying


  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology
  • Centralized AP processing
  • Invoice scanning
  • Capture and automate the archiving of invoices
  • Relational database technology for document storage
  • Recognition of supplier details highlights duplicated suppliers

Electronic Document Management is a certified solution
for Enterprise Management from our Certified Developer Partner V1

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