Enterprise Management Connector

The Enterprise Management Connector provides simpler, standard integration with Salesforce CRM to help increase user productivity and shorten the sales cycle. Users can seamlessly share, view and update customer information allowing for enhanced visibility, efficiency and sales. Plus, the solution allows for customization to adapt to specific business requirements.

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North America · Europe · AAMEA · United Kingdom · Brazil This feature may not be available in all countries within a region.
Please consult with a local representative for details about availability.


  • Improve on time delivery and shorten production cycle times
  • Centralize planning and share information more effectively with internal customers, suppliers and external customers
  • Reduce working capital and gain better visibility across the manufacturing process


  • Synch Salesforce account data to Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management customer data
  • Create and update a customer record from Salesforce to Enterprise Management
  • Update an account or customer from/to Salesforce and Enterprise Management
  • Display key Enterprise Management information in Salesforce
  • Import/export of data using CSV files in Salesforce and Enterprise Management
  • Convenient access of Enterprise Management from Salesforce to create orders and quotes
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