Enterprise Management Warehousing

Enterprise Management Warehousing is a versatile Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed for mid-sized manufacturers and distributors. Enterprise Management Warehousing is an ideal incremental step for companies that require more sophisticated warehousing functionality and helps companies move from basic inventory control or radio frequency-based stock locator systems to a truly configurable, rules-based WMS.

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  • Timely, accurate information from capturing information directly in the warehouse via scan or otherwise, validated to eliminate keying errors
  • Improved data quality through verification of data before it is posted into Enterprise Management
  • Fewer shipping errors from multiple verifications during picking and loading
  • Lower carrying costs and fewer stock outages
  • Improved warehouse utilization
  • Faster, automated generation of shipping documentation
  • Reduced labor from automatic handling of carrier and customer compliant or personalized documentation
  • Accurate, more timely labor efficiency and utilization reporting to management
  • Tighter collaboration between business entities and partners through electronic data transfer


  • Rule and parameter driven process logic capable of supporting multiple warehouse practices −such as paper and radio frequency modes − in the same warehouse
  • Support for multiple warehouses/sites, tenants/depositors, currencies, suppliers, units of measure, container equivalences, customer specific document formats and other features co-mingled in the same logical warehouse
  • Ability to generate customer-specific labelling and documentation (to facilitate drop and vendor direct shipments)
  • Dock Scheduling
  • Wave Simulations and Shipment Planning
  • Automated Equipment Integration
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