MAPADOC delivers simple and flexible EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) functionality to Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management customers. MAPADOC is a turnkey EDI solution that works for you, the first time, every time. The solution integrates one end of your supply chain to the other, and is cost-effective, comprehensive, and easy to use.

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Certified Solution
North America, Australia This feature is not available in all countries in these regions.
Please consult with a local representative for details about your situation.


  • Save money and time by eliminating manual data entry
  • Grow your business without growing your headcount
  • Reduce potential for chargebacks with reliably accurate electronic files
  • Speed your order to cash cycle through faster processing of orders, shipments, and invoicing
  • Acquire new customers with ability to meet requirements of major trading partners
  • Speed ROI with an intuitive, easy-to-use solution backed by exceptional support
  • Ensure accuracy with extensive data validation of incoming data
  • Increase profits with new sales to major big box retailers
  • Multi-user and multi-company capable – no extra seats or licenses to buy


  • Customer documents including Inbound Purchase Orders and Outbound Invoices
  • Vendor documents including Outbound Purchase Orders and Inbound Invoices
  • Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs)
  • Warehouse documents including Inbound Warehouse Shipping Order and Outbound Warehouse Shipping Advice
  • Multi-point validation of incoming data
  • Extensive flexibility and robust customization capabilities
  • Support for multiple translators
  • Integrated with your favorite WMS, barcoding, and shipping solutions
  • Connects to more retailers than the competition
  • Comprehensive, nationwide customer support in your time zone
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