Sage Advanced BI

Sage Advanced Business Intelligence is a powerful business intelligence solution integrated with Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management to help power users and analysts perform analysis and reporting and make faster, beter-informed decisions. With a dedicated data warehouse and an automatic generation of data cubes, Sage Advanced Business Intelligence is a comprehensive Business Intelligence solution for Enterprise Management.

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  • Facilitated decision-making at all levels of the company
    • Direct access to relevant indicators (user profiles)
    • Support for strategic operational decisions
  • Responsiveness
    • User autonomy
    • Direct integration of rich piloting functions, end-user oriented
    • Facilitated Data exploitation: request, reporting and analysis
    • Ability to view/customize/create reports


  • A dedicated database (data warehouse) with a comprehensive structure for decisional analysis
  • Automatic generation of data cubes from Enterprise Management
  • An integrated ETL into Enterprise Management
  • Prepackaged documents: Reports, Dashboards, Indicators, Alerts
  • Prepackaged universes: Finance, Sales, Purchases, Inventory, Manufacturing
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